How to Choose Right Hair Color for Your Skin Type

Hair is a priceless possession for every human being.  It’s a natural crown of one’s head in glory. More than men, women always desire to have a perfect hair to compliment their beauty and appearance. Most of us go to salons; spend on expensive hair products to keep our hair look good and healthy.  All this we do is to make ourselves look special from the rest. Hair coloring is a trend now and people go with their imaginations to choose the right color for their hair.  If you are middle aged and see strands of grey hair popping up, you don’t think twice to color your hair to hide your aging and look graceful.

Choosing a hair color can be interesting if you make the right choice depending on your physical appearance and skin type.

Fair and Radiant Skin:

If you are a person who is fair and has radiant skin, then you can simply go with shades of brown to color your hair as they go very well with your complexion. You can also go for streaking effect to be more appealing. You can be wild in choosing dark colors like Red, purple and green to give you a stylish new look.

Dark and Dusky Skin:

If you are dusky or on the darker side then you should go for a subtle color. Lighter shades like brown or faded burgundy will be apt for your skin tone. Make sure you don’t overdo with colors as they make you look darker. So be careful in choosing the right shade. You can also experiment with blonde hair color, or even light strawberry color. Both will look great on such skin tone.

Pale Skin and Frizzy Hair:

People with pale skin can go for dark chocolate hair or deep red color as it will enhance their appearance and make them look better. If you have frizzy or damaged hair, you should blindly choose dark shades of hair color as that will hide your flaws and make you look toned and beautiful.

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Tips For Hair Care

hair care tipsHealthy hairs are imperative for everyone; they are the continuous growing and developing part of the body that grows approximately 6 cm every two weeks. The health of the hairs depends on Keratin which is found inside the hair shaft. Keratin is a hormone produced in glands. Hormones are produced by glands that are present inside the body; different glands are responsible for different type of hormones that control or affect the functioning of the body and keep it healthy. To produce these hormones regularly and properly, glands require mainly Vitamins which can be gathered from different types of food sources. So Keratin plays a vital role in keeping hair healthy. Other than this, there are various other ways to maintain the health of your hair that expert hair salons suggest.

First tip

For using a shampoo or conditioner take advice from a salon expert who can suggest you which shampoo and conditioner will best suit your hair type. Saloon prescribed shampoo will help you restrain from experimenting with different hair products and you will find what is right according to your hair requirement. Also, salon products are much more concentrated and you have to use comparatively lesser quantity. Also make sure that whichever conditioner you use, keep it on your hair for at least three to five minutes to get the best results.

Second tip

There are also specialized treatments for different hair problems which can otherwise be not dealt with regular shampoos or hair products. These special treatments are used till the specific condition of hair doesn’t improve and this can be added to your usual hair washing routine. There is prescribed method of using these specialized treatments which should be followed strictly. These can come in the form of hair pack or hair mask that can be used in place of conditioner for a specific time as advised.

 Third tip

Adding vitamins and healthy supplements to your daily diet can help your glands produce healthy amount of hormones which improves overall health of your hair, say the hair professionals.  Though, the glands need only a specific amount of vitamins to produce hormones, so keep in mind that adding more vitamins to your diet doesn’t mean that the gland will produce excessive hormones.  If there is a specific hormonal imbalance, then it can be cured only by visiting a doctor. A reputed hair salon bethesda can be of great help.

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Style your hair extensions with braids or weaves

For the professionals in the show business, it is always exciting to reinvent themselves every day. In fact, many of us love to experiment with our hair and wonder how cool it is to flaunt a pixie haircut today and the long, voluminous hair the next day. If you are yet to discover the magical traits of hair extensions, here are some of the expert tips to maintain your gorgeous hair underneath the delicate strands of human hair extensions.

Prep up your hair before installing the extensions:

Before you begin the fun, it is essential to wash your hair and hydrate them properly. A clean scalp and hydrated scalp is always desirable for maintaining a healthy hair. Consider applying pure coconut oil with the conditioner, before you install the strands or turn to liquid moisturizer or hair cream if you want to avoid the greasiness which accompanies the oil. If you are braiding your hair, make sure you detangle your hair properly before styling it to avoid stressing your hair follicles trying to eradicate the knots.

Keep a tab of the expiry date:

One of the vital factors, to be remembered while braiding or weaving your hair is to note down the expiry date of your hairstyle. Typically, the braided extensions can last from six to eight weeks. If you do not change your hairstyle at least after three months, your hair will be exhausted. This will result in excessive locks and entanglement, which in turn will lead to severe hair loss and damage. It is ideally recommended to keep the braids for two weeks to one month, to avoid stressing your hair follicles. However, if you are wearing wigs, you may wash and braid your hair as per your convenience, because wigs offer you more flexibility, compared to the hair extensions.

Do not go for chemical procedures before installing hair extensions:

No matter what kind of chemical services you have subjected your hair too, it is always better to allow them at least two weeks to settle down in your hair before installing hair extensions. Many people think that hair relaxing treatments or Brazilian Keratin therapies are different from other chemical services like dying the hair. But, the fact is that your hair needs pampering, and time after a stressful chemical process. It might be annoying, but unless you allow your hair to relax, for the time being, it will stress and damage your hair.

You can also prepare your unique hairspray by mixing coconut oil or any other organic oil with a bit of water, to be applied from time to time. A blend of apple cider vinegar and water is also a good substitute if you do not want to use excessive dry shampoo in your hair.

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The ultimate hair color and highlighting guide for any hair color

Technically, highlights are the light shades of color applied to the strands of dark hair color and lowlights are the dark tones of color applied to the strands of light hair color. Hair color and highlighting is a great way to camouflage your natural hair texture and add a sense of illusion and volume if you can pick the best tones which compliment your skin color and original hair color. Depending on your haircut and texture of your hair, you may opt for highlighting or bleaching a few strands of your hair or various strands, throughout your head. However, it is vital to find out whether you can carry a bold highlight or cool tone suits you better.

5 Popular hair color and highlight shades:

The punk red for a unique fashion statement: If red is just your color, you may opt for the punk red to create a bold statement. The Chunky highlights fit perfectly with the blood red color, leaving visible stripes or strands within your hair.

Blue is the warmest color: If you are bored of trying out the punk red, you should probably consider blue highlights. The bold blue shade is never outdated, and it creates an everlasting impression.

The sun-kissed shade to accentuate your natural beauty: The natural warm tone is used to create the effect of naturally shiny and bright hair, for those who like to keep it natural.

Go trendy with pastel shades: The pastel shades have recently gained a lot of attention among the fashion enthusiasts because they are neither too bold, not too dull. They are playful alternatives for those, who love experimenting with their hair, but not ready to go overboard. However, they can also be used creatively, by the aid of multicolored highlight shades which reflect the rebel soul in you.

Frost and Glow trend never grows old: The frosted hair highlights have been the age-old favorites of the celebrities and fashion enthusiasts.

With the booming of the hair color and highlighting industry, today one can experience an array of options if they love to experiment with their hair. The slicing technique enables an individual to maneuver some highlights he or she wants to reveal; likewise, the Peek-a-boo highlights tend to shift and create an illusory effect as you keep moving. The Fuchsia highlights, on the other hand, are intense, bold strand defined with high contrasting extremely unnatural shades, to bring out the bold look. Want to try out natural-looking highlights or shocking shades like Platinum, Silver or Pink? Check out which shades reflect your inner self at its best with the top-notch hair salons in your locality.

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Types of Hair straightening methods and their benefits

Brazilian hair straightening

Women all around the world wish to have beautiful and long straight hair and in order to get rid of their wavy hair they try different , and permanent hair straightening is one of them. Permanent hair straightening uses chemical treatment to give you flowing straight hair without using the flat iron daily. Permanent hair straightening has various types that depend on the technique used to straighten out the hair. All the techniques provide smooth straight hair but in different ways.

The various types of Permanent hair straightening methods are:

  • Keratin treatment
  • Chemically Straighten hair
  • Hair rebonding
  • Japanese hair straightening

The different hair straightening methods

  1. Keratin hair straightening: The keratin hair straightening is also known as Brazilian hair straightening. This treatment adds a coating of keratin on your hair shaft which makes your hair silky and smooth. While a lot of permanent hair straightening methods have adverse effects on the hair in long run. This method is a lot safer when compared to others.

          Benefits of Keratin hair straightening

  • It is suitable for all hair types.
  • This treatment has no adverse effect.
  • Both Men and Women can try this hair treatment.
  1. Chemically Straighten hair: In this hair straightening method, the natural bonds of hair is broken down using chemicals. Specific number of bonds is broken to make the wavy/curly hair pin straight. To perform this hair straightening treatments select a good hair straightening salon.

         Benefits of chemical hair straightening

  • The hair becomes pin straight.
  • This treatment lasts for a longer period of time.
  1. Hair rebonding: The hair rebonding is a boon for the ladies with unmanageable dense hair. It is the most popular permanent hair straightening method that is used all around the world. The hair rebonding is nothing but another chemical hair treatment that alters the natural bonds of your hair and makes them sleek and straight.

         Benefits of Hair rebonding

  • Rebonding is easy hair straightening treatment.
  • If you want you can perform this treatment on your own.
  • If you regularly get your hair rebounded, it can permanently change the bond structure of your hair.
  1. Japanese hair straightening: The Japanese hair straightening or the thermal hair straightening is the method that uses both chemical as well as heat to straighten out the hair. This treatment was primarily started in Japan as a smoothening and conditioning treatment now it is used all around the world for permanent hair straightening.

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5 most popular hair straightening techniques

hair salon rockville

Straight hair has always been popular among women since the 1890’s. Earlier hot combs and steams were used to straighten out the hair but now days the modern women have shifted to more easy and convenient method i.e. the permanent hair straightening.There are present a number of permanent hair straightening methods but it is important to have knowledge about the different techniques before selecting the appropriate one for taming your frizzy hair.

Effective methods of hair straightening

  1. Hair Relaxers: The hair relaxer method has been around the longest. The relaxers are used to tame the curly hair. It is the most cost effective hair straightening treatment. However, you cannot opt for this treatment if you have applied hair color or your hair has already been processed. The hair relaxers are of two types the lye and no-lye relaxers. The lye relaxers have more active chemical ingredients than the no-lye relaxers.
  2. Brazilian hair straightening: The Brazilian hair straightening is also known as keratin hair straightening or Brazilian Blowout. This treatment eliminates the hair frizz and lasts for about three months. The process of keratin hair straightening is quiet simple; a keratin solution is applied on the overall length of your hair and then sealed in place using a flat iron.
  3. Cool Smoothing: The cool smoothing is chemical based hair straightening treatment. This hair straightening process uses chemical rather than heat to straighten out the hair. The cool smoothing is semi-permanent; its effect will start to fade away if you stop using the hair straightening products. It lasts lesser time than the thermal conditioning methods. The only advantage this method holds over the other treatments is that if you don’t like the straight hair you can shift back to your natural hair easily.
  4. Japanese hair straightening: It is the most popular salon procedure. The Japanese hair straightening lasts for about six months. This hair straightening procedure include applying a cream to condition the hair. Then the hair is straightened using flat iron. The third step involves applying some chemical to set the hair in place and then rinsing it out using a conditioner. The final step involves blow drying the hair. The whole procedure takes about 90 minutes but the results totally worth it.
  5. At home hair straightening treatment: This hair straitening treatment is good for the women who have knowledge about straightening the hair on their own. This treatment is more cost effective and follows the same procedure as the hair straightening salon. However, caution must be taken to prevent over-processing of hair.

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Effective tips for adding volume to fine thin hair

celebrity hairstylist

Skinny is a great for pasta, margaritas and jeans but when it comes to your hair the thicker the hair the better. Blame it on hormones; blame it on your haircut and hairstyle, or blame it on pollution the reality is that a lot of girls have thin hair. Many hairstylists report that their clients detest their thin hair more than any other hair problem. So what a girl with fine thinning hair to do? Check out this hair volumizing tips to thicken your thin fine hair.

Are you worried about thinning of your hair?

  1. Massage the scalp: Exfoliation isn’t just for your skin it is also good for your scalp. Gently massage your scalp. Using your fingertips gently apply pressure to your scalp. Do the massage at least once in a week. The massage helps in clearing follicle blocking caused due to sebum deposition.


  1. Focus on the roots: While blow drying your wet hair use a hair mousse to easily untangle them without causing much breakage. Next use a brush to pull the sections of your hair up in the air away from the roots. Focus the blow dryer on the scalp. This technique provides maximum lift to the hair and it is also proven for thickening the hair.


  1. Don’t forget the tips: This volumizing technique is more like a trick than a tip. The celebrity hairstylist suggests that after styling your hair pinch the ends of section of our hair between your thumb and tip you’re your index finger and give it a rub. This simple move breaks the clumps in your hair and provides an instant fuller look to your hair.


  1. Customize your shampoo: Instead of using the traditional shampoo, start using the shampoo and conditioner which has volumizing varieties. The volumizing shampoo works on your individual hair shaft to increase its diameter and hence thicken them. For selecting the right shampoo for your hair, first determine your hair type and select the variant of the shampoo accordingly.


  1. Volumize your hair using hair color: Using the hair color on your thin fine hair can turn out to be beneficial for you in two ways. First, the hair color can be strategically placed such that it makes your hair look fuller. Secondly, the hair color expands itself making the hair shaft thicker. However avoid excessive bleaching as it can weaken the hair and make them more prone to breakage.

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You need to try these hair colors this summer

hair color

Beach weather is finally here, which of course in other words means new hair dye job! Whether you are feeling to try something subtle like the sombré or wish to hit the peroxide like there is no tomorrow for a wilder look, then here are some “of-the-moment hair color trends” for you which will make everyone notice you for all the right reasons.

Best hair colors for summer 2017

  1. Nude hair: With the blush colors in fashion, monotone dressing is practically a way of life these days thus, making the neutral hair dye a perfect thing to try this summer. The best thing about the nude hair is that it goes perfectly with every complexion as it has both warm and cool tones.


  1. Sunset hair:A sizzling way for the brunettes to lighten up this summer without going blonde is trying the reddish brown (auburn) shade which reminiscent the summer sunsets. To brighten up the face you can also add baby highlights into the hairline around the face.


  1. Auburn Balayage: If you want more dimensions in your black hair, then this is totally the hair color for you. To get this hair color done you need to visit a hair coloring specialist as this hair color trend requires careful coloring streaks into the hair starting from the mid lengths. If done properly the auburn balayage provides you a beautiful, organic sun-kissed look.


  1. Jet Black hair: Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are currently rocking this hair color. This matte jetblack dye looks killer on every hair type and length. Another plus point to this hair color is that it is very low maintenance and easy to keep. If you already have dark hair, then you can add highlights of rich-blue and transform them into mermaid hair which is another popular hair trend perfect for the summer.


  1. Creamy Platinum: The golden hues are very tempting during the warmer months of the year; there is no doubt in it. But the creamy milky white blondes have their own charm. The creamy platinum looks flattering on all skin tones. You can also incorporate natural or dark roots to this hair color for a dramatic effect.


  1. Tie-Dye: This hair color trend is perfect for the girls who want to try everything at once (and still look cute). Visit a hair color salon and ask your stylist to color Ash blonde as the base and add rainbow highlights comprising both the pastel and neon shades which are in this season.


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Hairdreams Hair Extensions – A Beautiful Way to Address Your Hair Problems

hair salon

The hairdreams hair extensions have long been considered as the ultimate and perfect solution to hair loss and hair thinning problems of many people today. This special kind of hair accessory has the ability to enhance the overall look of your hair. It doesn’t matter if you like to add more length, volume, a touch of color, or just an ornamental accent, because these hair dreams extensions are guaranteed to bring you the changes you dream of.

Through the use of these extensions, you can get the chance of customizing your look exactly the way you want it to. The hair dreams extensions are being made using real human hair which are available in a variety of exciting lengths, numerous colors, and a lot of hair textures in order to match with the unique hair of every person.

The Basics of Hair Dreams Extensions

The hair dreams extensions can be used for every occasion. These extensions will look great on anyone. Back in the days, hair dreams extensions were often seen used only by celebrities and models. However, times have changed, and practically everyone can now wear these extensions to their heart’s delights. Whether you will attend a party, a wedding, prom, or any other events, hair dream extensions can offer a one of a kind flair to your natural hair.

Quality is no doubt the one thing that makes the hair dreams extensions completely different from the rest of extensions you can find today. These types of extensions are made from individually handpicked human hair which is pre-bonded from the tips with the use of vinyl polymer. This way, the extensions are easier to attach and can achieve a more natural looking appearance.

These hair dreams extensions should be applied by a professional hairstylist in neat rows. Following the installation, your hair and extensions is cut in order to achieve a seamless look.

Hair dreams look and feel natural. However, it is important that you pay extra attention to the maintenance of your extensions in order to enjoy the perks of these wonderful hair accessories. After the installation, your hair is going to need more care. You have to be very cautious with caring for your hair.

 Perks of Hair Dreams Extensions

There are several benefits that you can enjoy when you opt to go for hair drams extensions. Some of these perks include the following:

  • The hair dreams extensions are made from the highest quality hair.
  • These extensions can add a pop of flair and color with no need to expose your natural hair to dangerous chemicals.
  • Hair dreams extensions can be attached with great ease.
  • Installing the hair dreams extensions is a non-damaging procedure.
  • Hair dreams look 100 percent natural
  • Hair drams are now available for various types of hair.
  • Hair dreams extensions are made readily available in a lot of reliable salons.
  • It is possible to style, cut, curl, straight, and color your hair when you use hair dreams extensions.

Make sure you find the best hair extensions salon near me and enjoy the difference that hair dreams extensions can bring to your life.

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Selling Tips of Designer Sunglasses

sunglasses store

Are you thinking about beginning a new selling sunglasses store or venture, but don’t know how to go about it? Here are few things which you can consider as tips for prospering as a thriving seller of designer sunglasses.

Purchasing designer sunglasses

In any type of business, the most crucial homework which is generally performed is related to market research. You have to make a study of the market to know different things before you begin your business. You have to understand the consumer spending nature, age group, preferences of the customers, earnings and income of the region, market trends, competitors, and economic situations prevailing in such a place. If such things are not considered, you stand the danger of trying to begin your business in a place where you might have zero receiving of your product.

The next vital factor you need to judge is your business premises or the location where you want to have your glasses store. Will you be having your wholesale sunglasses showroom in a simple retail unit or shopping mall? You have to think if you shall rent premises or you want to purchase a full unit? Once you have planned on this factor, you have to think how you shall lure your customers and magnetize them in your shop. You have to invest kindly in sunglasses stands, racks and display which will support to showcase all your sunglasses to your customers.

If you have an amazing showroom with the best lighting, images, and display, it will be an included benefit for your store. Those who want to have an internet existence also need to take ample steps to make their online store different from every other wholesale sunglasses dealer. You need to spend your effort and time in designing an internet sunglasses store.

Products at sunglasses store

Your next consideration which is also very important is the type of sunglasses and standard of products you want to offer. You have to take into account the present market fashion and trends for this objective. Remember to stock a perfect standard of latest in the designer collection which shall depend on weather conditions of the location. Suppose it’s winter, you need to store all your summer trends and shades of that particular season. Besides this, you need to have a set of top brands, Oakley sunglasses, best sellers and more sunglasses which have been made famous by celebrities. Bear in mind to stock sunglasses for every age group and sunglasses which will be perfect for every type of budget.

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