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Brazilian Hair straightening, Nano keratin, Rockville, Bethesda, MD


Brazilian Hair straightening RockvilleBrazilian hair straightening, is also known as Keratin treatment is the latest US treatment to become available for permanent hair straightening. Brazilian Keratin Treatment doesn't utilize harsh chemicals like some other permanent hair straightening methods. Instead, the Keratin hair relaxer uses a protein that resembles your own, hairs natural protein components.


Since it avoids harsh chemicals BKT can be used on hair that is damaged, color treated or highlighted without harsh results or damage to your hair. BKT treatment may take anywhere from 1 to a couple of hours to apply, and will last anywhere from 4-6 months based on hair type and maintenance. What can you expect when you go in for a BKT? Well, the stylist will first apply the keratin solution to your hair.


After the keratin treatment is done a very hot iron will seal in the formula to the outer layer of your cuticle. This sealing process will actually trap moisture into the cuticle hydrating your hair. Over time your hair will gain back some body and wave, and will be able to be curled and styled in a variety of ways that other hair straightening methods may not allow. Although it is often marketed as a natural hair relaxer and a safer alternative to thermal reconditioning, there are risks involved in the process because BKT utilizes formaldehyde therefore, it is not recommended for individuals with allergies specific to formaldehyde or for pregnant women.


Before you decide to undergo a permanent relaxer treatment you should discuss the options with a licensed professional and discuss what will work best with your specific hair type and the condition that your locks are currently in. This treatment is permanent and is designed for people who regularly blow dry or flat iron their hair