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Japanese Hair Straightening Salon in Rockville, MD | Bethesda, Chevy Chase


Japanese Hair straightening Rockville, MDRockville Hair Relaxer Salon is a certified Japanese Hair Straightening salon in Rockville and will be able to provide outstanding service as well as a variety of post straightening hair straightener products. Japanese hair straightening has a variety of pseudo names including thermal reconditioning, bio ionic straightening, the Yuko system and Liscio process. No matter what you choose to call it, the process and end results will be the same. Japanese hair straightening is a long process with a multitude of steps. It involved applying a solution to your hair that relaxes and breaks the di-sulfide bonds between your curls "straightening" out your hair. Then the solution is rinsed. A new neutralizing solution may then be added and rinsed once the proper "straightness is reached". After that, the hair is dried and then ironed into a permanent straight style. After the entire process, which can take anywhere from 4-6 hours you won't be able to wash or get your hair wet for about 3 days. This will ensure that your hair will completely hold its new straight shape.


Many people are completely enamored with their results, but there are a few considerations to make before you undergo the long and expensive process of Thermal relaxation. First, the treatment can be expensive and will have to be redone about every 6 months to combat the new curly growth that will occur at your roots. In addition, it is a long time commitment, about 5 hours per treatment and will not allow you to curl your hair in the future. Also if done improperly or on hair that is already damaged it can cause your hair to break and become brittle and dry. Therefore it is essential that you find a professional that has experience with Japanese relaxing treatment and is willing to do a test strip on your hair to ensure your hair reacts well to the chemicals.


In addition, you'll need to use special hair straightener products including shampoos and conditioners to help with the upkeep and maintenance of your new straight locks. This treatment is also not recommended for hair that is thinning, has been color treated or is damaged. Also it is not a recommended hair relaxer for African Americans especially on delicate African hair. However, many people with healthy hair have had great results with Japanese relaxing methods. So, if you have given permanent straightening ample thought and discussed the option with your stylist at Rockville Hair Straightening Salon then Japanese straightening could be the semi-permanent option that is right for you!